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What Does the Board of Trustees Do?

In Unitarian Universalism the Membership is the ultimate authority in the community. Here’s what the Membership has asked the Board of Trustees to do. Continue reading

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Why We Need to Vote to Amend the Budget

The unanticipated and unwanted departure of Emily Wilson means the Society’s compensation costs for the year will be higher than expected. The Board requests the Membership approve a budget amendment that includes the extra costs. Continue reading

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Changing to a Committee on Ministry

Our Bylaws establish a Ministerial Relations Committee for each minister who is serving the community.  That means, Rev. Buehrens, Rev. Jacks, and Rev. Benson would each have their own group of members talking to just them about their individual ministry. Both … Continue reading

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Draft Cookbook on How to Become an Official Committee

The May 10th Leadership Council gathering is going to provide a bunch of practical information on how to get things done.  How to submit something to the Flame, how to ask for money, how to get reimbursements.  I was asked … Continue reading

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