Rules of Engagement

Streeteview of the First Unitarian Universsalist Church of San FranciscoThis blog is an unofficial communication by individual members of the Board of Trustees of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco.

The Board started this blog in February, 2014 as an additional way to communicate with members of the congregation.

We hope that members and friends will leave questions and comments on the posts.  We will try to respond to what’s posted and to offer our own insights.

Of course — and this is important! — what we say here is NOT official policy or a statement from the Board.  Individual members are encouraged to have opinions and ideas, but the Board makes policy or takes actions only by majority vote at official meetings.

This forum offers a give and take of ideas and a chance to explain, comment, and wonder aloud in public.  Board members can explain their own ideas or goals.

We’re starting with only this limitation:

Articles should be written to either to inform or to persuade. Material should be free of personal attacks, ad Hominem argumentor partisan political statements.

Come and join in!